About Us

BetOnBet, joined the world of betting in 2019 as a new player with its betting exchange system, aims to provide its users with a unique betting experience.

Unlike traditional bookmakers, BetOnBet is a betting exchange platform which brings people who place bets on a probability (back) and those who against those bets (lay) together.

In BetOnBet, players win or lose against each other. In other words, when you lose a bet, the amount you place is not transferred to the BetOnBet vault, but to the player(s) who won the bet you matched. BetOnBet only receives a 5% commission on its customers’ gross market earnings.

What is the difference of BetOnBet from other bookmakers?

BetOnBet Betting Exchange offers you more advantages than traditional bookmakers:

  • Trust that you get the best odds
  • You can sell a bet (lay) as well as make a bet (back)
  • Live betting exchange
  • High liquidity on the most popular sports and e-sports events.

What is Betting Exchange?

Traditional bookmakers always offer their own odds to the bettors. The bettors either accept this offer or try their luck on another site. Bookmakers always announce that they offer the best odds, but those are not enough for the bettors.

On the betting exchange, you play against thousands of people, as if you were making a bet with your friend, not against the bookmakers.

In the betting exchange, you can make a bet with the “back” option or you can sell a bet with the “lay” option and you can act as a betting company.

The limit on the betting exchange is the amount offered in the market. The winners are not restricted and is not subject to any limitations.

For more information about betting exchange: BetOnbet Help Center – Betting Exchange