Frequently Asked Questions

You can just click to “Sign Up” button on our affiliate website and fill the application form.

Affiliate applications are reviewed within two working days. If you are accepted onto the program, you can start referring customers immediately by listing our banners or text links on your site.

The BetOnBet Affiliate program is absolutely free to join and there are no running costs for you.

Your affiliate account has a unique Affiliate ID, which is used to identify when you have referred a customer to us. When a player clicks through to BetOnBet via one of your links, a cookie is dropped on their browser. This cookie contains your Affiliate ID. When that player registers for an account with BetOnBet, you will be credited with the referral.

The cookie duration is 30 days. This means that referred players could navigate away from BetOnBet before registered and if they return within 30 days, they will still be credited to your Affiliate Account

We will review each case on an individual basis. Please contact us at [email protected] with details of how you intend to refer players and what your target market is.

Yes, when logged into your affiliate account you can add multiple websites by adding a new Marketing Source in the My Account section. You will receive individual tracking links for each site so you can track their performance.

We review each application individually and evaluate whether or not we deem its nature or content suitable to represent the BetOnBet brand.

You will need to generate a minimum of 100 € in commission before we process your affiliate payment. Balances under 100 €   will be accrued until the threshold has been met.

All affiliate commission payments are processed in EUR (€).

Affiliate commissions will be calculated monthly and affiliates will be paid within 10 days of the end of the calendar month.

You can log into your account at any time to view how much you will be paid and how much you have been paid for previous months under “Rewards Menu”

Our affiliates have access to a wide range of marketing tools in multiple languages that can be used to promote BetOnBet. You will also have access to a range of comprehensive reports to measure the performance of your campaigns.

Views and clicks data will be updated close to real time. All other stats are updated a day in arrears. Figures of the previous day are transferred to the system at 8 AM (GMT+3)

When the players you bring win, it generates negative revenue, which means negative commission for the partner. Negative balance in BetOnBet Affiliate Program is not carried over to the next month. At the beginning of each month, your negative balance will be reset and your account will start with the new month cleared, without any previous negative balance being affected.

Standard Revenue Sharing is a commission model in which the Net Income generated by subtracting the license fee, payment methods and operation costs from the gross income in a certain period of time is shared among the partners.