Reward Plan

As BetOnBet, we know the importance of winning together with our business partners. We are aware that we will win as our business partners work and win with pleasure and confidence.

We offer a lifetime earning opportunity with 3 tiered commission structure rates up to 40%. Moreover, we cover the players’ bonus costs and do not reflect them on our partners’ commissions!

Sign up to our affiliate program now to join the BetOnBet Affiliates family and win with an advantageous reward plan!

Revenue Sharing

Net Revenue   Commission Rate
0 – 10.000 € 30%
10.001 – 20.000 € 35%
20.001 € and over 40%

Commissions are calculated on Net Revenue. The “net revenue” in a given time period is calculated by subtracting the license fees, betting and game taxes, payment costs from the gross income in the same time period.

For more detailed information about the Reward Plan, you can contact our affiliate team.