Terms and Conditions

This agreement is signed by Hasel N.V., with registration number 134176, Heelsumstraat 51, E-Commerce Park, Curacao. It was created to define the rules and conditions of the Business Partners (Partners) within the scope of the BetOnbet Affiliate Program (Affiliate Program), which is a service product affiliated with the Company and conducts its transactions with legal authority, to use for marketing purposes.

By completing the application form and ticking the checkbox, Partners acknowledge that they are 18 years of age or older and have requested membership in the Affiliate Program.

Partners are deemed to have accepted that they have read, understood and agreed to these rules before starting work.

BetOnbet has the right to change these rules, in such a case, the rules on the https://betonbetaffiliates.com/en/terms-and-conditions/ page are updated and the partners are informed via e-mail or skype.

1. Responsibilities and Liabilities of BetOnbet:

1.1 BetOnbet gives a unique identity code to its Partners through the accounts it has opened with this agreement. In this way, each new customer brought, the profit generated by the customers, the Net Income and Commissions earned are calculated.

1.2 BetOnbet provides its Partners full customer service and commission statistics regarding the business.

1.3 BetOnbet is obliged to pay its partners the income generated in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement.

1.4 BetOnbet undertakes that it will not charge its Partners if there is a negative balance in the Partners’ awards.

1.5 The cost of the promotions created by BetOnbet for the players will not be reflected in the Affiliate program. BetOnbet agrees to bear the promotional costs unilaterally.

1.6 If mistakes are made in the calculation of the commission, the Affiliate Program reserves the right to correct the calculation at any time and is obliged to correct any missing or overpaid amounts.

2. Responsibilities and Obligations of Partners:

2.1 Partners are responsible for the security of their personal information, including login details and passwords. BetOnbet does not accept any responsibility in case of loss of this information.

2.2 Partners cannot claim to be the official site of the BetOnbet brand and cannot make an offer with the BetOnbet brand.

2.3 The partners may not take any action that is libelous, discriminatory, obscene, illegal or inappropriate, or contains sexual, explicit pornographic or graphic violence material, and may only work within the scope of correct information specified by the site management. Misleading or erroneous promotions and information and attracting members are not permitted. It is the partners’ responsibility to keep the marketing tools and information up to date.

2.4 Affiliates can only have one account. It is strictly forbidden to open a sub account.

2.5 Partners cannot copy, reproduce or use the BetOnbet code and / or content on any website. Partners cannot use a design concept similar to the BetOnbet design on a website.

2.6 Affiliates are obliged to bring at least 3 Active First Time Deposited players per month to withdraw their monthly commissions. When they cannot meet this obligation, their commissions remain as they are and cannot withdraw. They are eligible to receive commissions for the month they meet the 3 players requirement. However, if they fail to meet this requirement for 6 months in a row, their commission will be reset.

2.7 All intellectual property, financial customer and buyer lists, as well as price and sales information and any information regarding their products, registration, transactions, business plans, processes, product information, information or logic of how the business is known, trade secrets, market opportunities and Information including but not limited to personal data belonging to BetOnbet is considered confidential. Partners undertake that they will not share this information for any purpose.

3. Cheating and Fraudulent Activities

3.1 BetOnbet may close the accounts of one or more players in cases that do not comply with the company policy and rules. If these members are provided by a Partner, commissions earned from these members can be reviewed up to 6 months in advance. If fraud is made, fraud situation has been created or an unfair profit has been obtained, the resulting damage can be covered by the Affiliate.

3.2 Partners will be deemed fraudulent to create membership with their personal accounts and affiliate links, deposit money for the personal use of the partners and / or the use of relatives, friends, employees or other relevant third parties, or otherwise artificially increase commissions to be paid.

4. Payment

4.1 BetOnbet is obliged to pay the commissions formed in the previous month in the first 10 days of the following month.

4.2 Payments are made through Bitcoin.

4.3 BetOnbet may postpone the commission payments for up to 2 months in order to check the accuracy of the traffic source and the records, income and expenses provided by the Partners due to technical problems or when it deems necessary.

4.4 The minimum amount required for payment is 100 EUR. Amounts below this amount are not paid and remain in the Partners’ balances. Partners can withdraw their transferee commissions in the month they meet the 3-member requirement and reach 100 EUR.

5. Termination of Agreement

5.1 Affiliate partnership agreement can be mutually terminated. Both sides must inform the other party in writing 30 days before the termination. Positive commissions within the month for which termination is requested are paid in the following month if the progress payment is achieved. Commissions whose progress payment is not provided in the month of termination will not be paid after termination.

5.2 Confidential and commercial information belonging to BetOnbet cannot be used for any purpose or disclosed directly or indirectly to any person or third parties without the prior express and written consent of BetOnbet. This provision is also valid after termination of this agreement.